The Three Principal Laws of Computer Science (Programming)

  1. The computer is the final arbitrator.
    If I claim one thing about computer science programming, and you claim something that is in direct contention with my claim (like "It'll never work!"), then program the claim(s) and let the computer decide who is right.

  2. After two hours of programming, and it still won't work, go get a beer.
    If you're spending too much time on a single problem with no results then you should take a break and change your perspective.

  3. To have all your programs be beautiful, write programs for twenty years. Then all your programs will be beautiful.
    Beautiful practice makes beautiful programs. Every program should be written as the most important one. Make it lean and mean - a number crunching machine.


And let us not forget the oldest and most valid truth in all things man-made :

"Garbage in. Garbage out."

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